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I’ve always had excellent service from Amazon, and Amazon MP3 is no different.  Last week I blogged about how I purchased the new Rehab album from Amazon MP3.  It turns out I accidently bought the censored version, which is annoying to me.  So given Amazon’s uniquely amazing customer service, I decided to email them and ask if I could download the explicit version of the album without having to re-purchase it.  No more than 2 hours later I had a response:  a refund is being issued for my mistaken purchase.  Wow.

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# re: Amazon MP3 Customer Service

Left by jack at 2/18/2012 1:30 AM
Gravatar I don't have Access, or all of my amazon mp3 downloads
Most of my stuff is lost. How can I restore the music I bought?

# re: Amazon MP3 Customer Service

Left by jack at 2/18/2012 1:33 AM
Gravatar Please help me recover my aazon mp3 library

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